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When launching in 1999 we had a goal to make real estate simple. Back in 1999 there was very little information on the internet and the majority of listings were posted in the newspaper. Knowing that the foreclosure market was booming and there was plenty of opportunity for new homebuyers to achieve their goals in a much more timely manner ushud.com was born.

The goal of ushud.com is to be a one stop shop for both homebuyers and real estate professionals. One of our biggest staples is providing up to date training for both sides of the industry. We feel that a combination of free education on the home buying process and providing all of the homes in your area for free will benefit the real estate community in the long run.

When building out website we knew what we wanted our site to be centered around the foreclosure market. We saw that there was not a single company at the time that provided foreclosure lists for free and it was terribly hard to find affordable foreclosures for sale. After numerous failed searches online for foreclosed homes near me we figured we needed to make the site geo-targeted to the information was relevant based on where you were located. Now we take pride in being the longest lasting, free to the public foreclosure listing website. We showcase everything from luxury homes all the way down to HUD foreclosures and don’t charge a penny to our loyal consumers.

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